We are global planning experts.

Our think-tank of global planning experts assembled over the last decade includes lawyers, accountants, actuaries, bankers, investment and insurance advisors with over 100 years of combined experience.

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Ryan specializes in wealth preservation and accumulation strategies which focus on helping successful business owners and multi-million dollar organizations find tax efficiencies and exclusive investment opportunities. By working in collaboration with some of the top legal and accounting teams in the country, Ryan continues to build and provide sophisticated and proprietary solutions that clients wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere. Ryan is also a principal investor in several start-ups and investment funds, enjoys playing weekly soccer games, and spending time with family and friends.

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Senior Advisor

Foad has been in the financial services industry since 1987 and his expertise as a financial advisor ensures clients’ challenges are met with unique and creative solutions. He believes having the right team of advisors and asking the right questions makes financial planning and execution seamless. Foad has extensive knowledge in wealth accumulation and wealth preservation and uses the team at Global Solutions along with proprietary strategies to provide exceptional service and results to his clientele. When Foad is not at the office you can find him volunteering his time within his community in West Vancouver, enjoying hiking and soccer, as well as spending time with his family.

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Senior Advisor

Alison provides incorporated individuals and business owners solid planning tools for tailored strategic plans to minimize taxes, accumulate and preserve wealth. Alison has been an advisor in the small business market since 1998.  Her extensive experience with this unique group gives her a solid understanding of their challenges.  She identifies the strongest solutions for clients through close collaboration with the top financial planners, accountants and tax specialists at global Solutions.  In her off time, you will find Alison on her boat or in the garden.

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Senior Advisor

Sean has vast experience working with small private single-family offices to large multi-billion dollar multi-family organizations, as well as investment funds and corporations as a finance officer. His understanding of the inner workings of financial and organizational strategy supports the planning he offers to high net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth families and investment groups when utilizing Global Solutions’ platform of proprietary strategies.

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Arastoo’s private equity investment background allows him to consult individuals and businesses using analysis to provide personalized strategies and opportunities for wealth preservation and accumulation. Given his background, his focus is what clients are left with after-tax rather than the return. He uses Global Solution’s platform of specialists to offer wealth accumulation with wealth preservation at the forefront.

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Tony is a certified financial planner and has been working in the financial services industry since 2013, and specializes in both risk management and estate planning solutions. He works with clients in providing them a clear financial plan and tailors his recommendations to his clients unique needs and goals. He is currently registered as a certified financial planner (CFP®) and chartered investment manager (CIM®). When Tony is not in the office he enjoys spending time outdoors with nature.

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Shakiba works closely with Senior Advisors to provide financial strategies to meet client’s needs and goals. Shakiba's personable nature enables her to provide the highest calibre of service to her clients and be committed to their success.

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Michelle specializes in helping busy professionals and families to retain and accumulate wealth through our comprehensive financial planning process. Michelle believes in building collaborative relationships with various industry professionals to assist in working together with her clients to build a plan with high-quality advice. Michelle is committed to providing her clients with an education based approach to ensure a sustainable financial future for generations to come. Acting as her client’s personal advisor; She helps build a plan based on financial circumstance that reflects her clients unique values and goals.

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Sina has been involved in the financial industry since 2019, starting in the banking industry before realizing his passion for helping clients achieve financial planning objectives. With Global Solutions and their team of experts, Sina is committed to his client’s success at various stages of their personal and professional lives using innovative strategies that empower them to reach their goals. When Sina isn’t at the office, he enjoys playing sports and spending time with family and friends.

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Advisor in Training

Rahmona is a natural when it comes to entrepreneurship. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs and eventually starting her own company in 2017, she knows what it takes to become successful as a business owner and the challenges that come with such a responsibility. Rahmona believes given her background and experience, she can provide business owners the support and structure to set them up for success as they build their wealth. Given the expertise at Global Solutions, she is confident that her clients will be given valuable advice and solutions tailored to their wealth accumulation and preservation needs and goals.

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Executive Office Manager

Anisa has held various management and customer service roles for over a decade and brings her skills to provide efficiencies within Global Solutions that support both clients and advisors. She believes in providing a seamless and positive experience for clients which makes the experience with Global Solutions enjoyable. When Anisa doesn’t have the world relying on her, she enjoys travelling and spending time with family.

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Our Tax Specialists

Global Tax Specialist

Our tax and global planning expert (CPA, CA) has solved client concerns for over 27 years as a tax partner at the largest international advisory firm worldwide. His sought-after expertise was honed while serving private clients and their companies in Canada, United States, and globally. His experiences include building and working within family office structures and directly with first and second-generation wealth. He bridges legal, banking, and tax issues to bring practical solutions to address the complexities of domestic and international planning.

International Tax Planning Architect  

Our Tax Planning Architect has worked in global finance structure and insurance for more than 25 years. With billions of dollars in closed transactions, he is known for his ability to identify client concerns and work with various global institutions to design and implement comprehensive planning that meets the requirements of families and their far-reaching assets. Families from around the world trust him for his flawless implementation of client-centric, bespoke planning.

Domestic Tax Specialist 

Our Domestic Tax Specialist (CA, CPA) has 20 years of experience as a Senior Accountant and has received additional notable designations as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA). Completing the In-Depth Tax Program, he ensures client objectives are realized from concept to implementation.

Tax Lawyer

Our estate and tax-based insurance planning expert completed graduate studies in law and was called to the Bar in 1997. He has been working in the insurance industry for more than 20 years. specializing in advanced tax-based insurance strategies and estate planning for high net worth families. He provides advice on complex life insurance strategies for shareholders of privately held corporations and has been responsible for all aspects of implementation as well as annual maintenance of leveraged plans.  He has provided instruction on advanced insurance and estate planning to chartered accountants for the Institute of Chartered Accountants across all major cities in Western Canada and is a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners and the Canadian Tax Foundation. 

The team at Global Solutions always provide the time for me to understand the fine details and make an educated choice. I am detail oriented and really appreciate understanding the reason behind everything. Working with them to plan and implement thoughtfully designed solutions for my company has been a pleasure. I appreciate the global understanding they bring to my business and their guidance to help me maximize the value of my resources. With their team we have increased the value of our resources while simultaneously diversifying what we are accomplishing with these resources.

Nathan Kukathas


Working with Global Solutions was a breeze! They helped us create strategies appropriate for our business pre and post-acquisition. Ryan and his team offered us planning that was unique and tailored to our needs. We look forward to working with Global Solutions for many years to come. Adding them to your financial planning will accelerate your growth!

Christina Stevens

Business Owner

I met with the team Global Solutions prior to me selling my company and I’m glad I did. They worked with my accounting firm in implementing strategies I haven’t seen anywhere else. Everything was explained properly and I’m confident in the strategies and planning that they have implemented. I look forward to working with them for many years to come and highly recommend anyone who wants a specialized approach to tax, corporate, and financial planning. I would highly recommend everyone to at least hop on a consultation call!

Tom Wang

Business Owner/CEO

What can I say about Ryan and the team? They’ve always gone above and beyond in terms of delivering personalized service. Their team has helped my business by creating some unique tax efficiencies for my corporation. Always available and accessible, and responds to my concerns in a very timely manner. Through the work of team at Global solutions, I have peace of mind, and I know that my future and the future of my family is secure.

Dr. Sepehr Rahmany

Medical Practitioner

Global Solutions lives up to its name -- the firm offers their clients elegant wealth preservation strategies that I was unable to find elsewhere. The team at Global Solutions made efforts to serve me that went significantly above and beyond what I experienced with other financial firms I had previously worked with.

Dr. Sahba Kian

Medical Practitioner